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Last Saturday, July 18 was a time to meet-up with old friends and new in the GYMN Office in Manila. We invited graduates of our Level 1 training over and there were a few discussions on youth ministry as well as a preview into the advanced training curriculum we have. Despite the sudden rainy weather (or maybe because of it), brewed coffee and oatmeal choco chip cookies made the perfect afternoon delight. Here’s a video:

Thank you to all who joined for making it such a good time!


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For the past four Saturdays (June 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2009) at 1 past noon to 7 in the evening, four GYMN trainers (I, Ethel, Eric and Aboy) have been teaching the Level 1 material to leaders of “Youth Alive” the youth department of Word of Hope here in Quezon City, Philippines. Here’s a glimpse into the event:

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Day 2 of our Boracay event was centered on the theme of equipping. We are grateful that God brought us the following teachers:

1. Sur del Rosario, director of the National Youth Ministries Network of Phil. Gen. Council of the Assemblies of God answered the question, “Why equip in and for youth ministry?” He also gave a discussion on issues that this generation of young people are asking.

2. Macky Sabayle, Youth and Evangelism Pastor of Bradford United Church of Christ, Inc. in Cebu City delved into “Having a healthy relationship with your senior pastor.”

3. Rey Dorimon, one of the most prolific GYMN trainers and a teacher at Bethel Bible College presented his views on modern worship.

4. Carol Potratz, Ministry Recruitment & Care Discipleship of the North American Baptist Conference put the spotlight on staying healthy in youth ministry. Later in the evening she also gave the challenge to be authentic Christians who change nations.

5 & 6. Denton & Elsie Bardoquillo, a husband-and-wife team whose ministry sheds light on the issues surrounding Same-Sex-Attraction and Homosexuality, how it can be prevented, and how they can be reached. They opened up the subject “Handling Same-Sex-Attraction in Youth Ministry.”

7. Chris Davis, GYMN executive director, talked on the need to focus on the heart of the leader. He pointed out, “What good is a toolbox of you don’t have a healthy heart to use the tools?”

8, 9 & 10. And then there were our three special delegates from other Asian countries, including Wadam Khong Khin of Myanmar and Jomesh Tamang of Nepal who gave us glimpses of what ministry means in their countries and challenged us to pray for and support the Christian endeavor there.

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Last April 6-12, Rey went all the way to Tugegarao, Philippines and trained 47 youth leaders from the Church of the Living God with the GYMN material. Tugegarao is one of the northernmost regions in the Philippines and takes is an estimated 16 hours to reach (if taking the bus ride) from the capital city of Metro Manila. Making what he did almost hard to believe (this was happening simultaneous with their youth camp of 1500+ young people where he was the speaker). But praise be to God for giving him the strength.

Here are some pictures of the event:



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For the participants of our 10th Anniversary in Boracay, Philippines:

gymnasia10Ladies and gentlemen, we have scheduled the following specialized topics in youth ministry for the 2nd Day of the event.

  1. Training for Modern Worship
  2. Creating a Healthy Relationship with your Senior Pastor
  3. Getting & Staying Healthy in the Crazy World of Youth Ministry
  4. New Generations, New Questions: issues we need to address that our emerging culture is asking
  5. Handling Same-Sex-Attraction in Your Youth Ministry

HOWEVER, you can only choose two topics to attend as these will all be taught at the same time. Select two of the topics and we will try to prioritize you for it. Slots for each topic are limited so please choose as soon as you can.

I will post your names across the topics as soon as I receive confirmation from you. You can inform me through the comments on this blog, through e-mail or through text.

Update: the following are the confirmed participants for the above topics

1. Training for Modern Worship: Blessie David, Monaliza, Milojane Catorce, Jek Mahinay, Jeff Venturina, Cindy Canlas, Rins Miralles, Ryu Cutad, Gigi Jakosalem, Oliver Odiver, Jik Romero, Grace Malicdem, Mervz Mariquit, Janel Palma

2. Creating a Healthy Relationship with your Senior Pastor: Justin, Abby Cagado, Rins Miralles, Miki & Ken Quintela, Justi, Tope Diaz, E.R. Villegas,

3. Getting & Staying Healthy in the Crazy World of Youth Ministry: Blessie David, Eric Pantig, Justin, Revie Luciaja, Abby Cagado, Randy Garcia, Bon Bangalan, Pips Santillana, LM Plaza, Nan Pena, Cindy Canlas, E.R. Villegas, Miki & Ken Quintela, Eubs Capon, Grace Malicdem, Mervz Mariquit, Oliver Odiver, Gevi Villanea, Tope Diaz, Janel Palma–closed

4. New Generations, New Questions: Eric Pantig, Monaliza, Milojane Catorce, Jek Mahinay, Jonjon Bonso, Randy Garcia, Bon Bangalan, Pips Santillana, LM Plaza, Nan Pena, Eubs Capon, Gigi Jakosalem, Bennette Pena, Jerome Yap

5. Handling Same-Sex-Attraction in Your Youth Ministry: Jik Romero, Jonjon Bonso, Jeff Venturina, Ryu Cutad, Bennette Pena

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Do you know the country that the yoyo was invented in?

ReyLast Thursday, we visited Bethel Bible College in Malinta, Valenzuela and I had the opportunity to ask around 60 students that question. GYMN trainer Rey Dorimon invited GYMN-Asia to host the chapel hour for the graduating students at Bethel Bible College and so 6 trainers and staff assembled in campus on February 19, 2009. (more…)

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PCEC Training, Day 3

students students 2 students 3

February 7, 2009–the third and last Saturday of the training. The atmosphere was warm with the smiles and greetings of the participants. We could sense the bond that had been built by one another, despite the short span of time and the fact that the 39 participants come from 20 different churches of different cultures and background.

Goals on Paper

goals goals 2 goals 3

The last day was the whole year planning! Each church did the integration of their goals,  assessing their current youth ministry and evaluating the strong and weak ministry areas. Time to pause and pray, for the goal setting was timely as well as they start the year with the clear vision and direction in their respective YMs. (more…)

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