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For the past four Saturdays (June 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2009) at 1 past noon to 7 in the evening, four GYMN trainers (I, Ethel, Eric and Aboy) have been teaching the Level 1 material to leaders of “Youth Alive” the youth department of Word of Hope here in Quezon City, Philippines. Here’s a glimpse into the event:


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PCEC Training, Day 3

students students 2 students 3

February 7, 2009–the third and last Saturday of the training. The atmosphere was warm with the smiles and greetings of the participants. We could sense the bond that had been built by one another, despite the short span of time and the fact that the 39 participants come from 20 different churches of different cultures and background.

Goals on Paper

goals goals 2 goals 3

The last day was the whole year planning! Each church did the integration of their goals,  assessing their current youth ministry and evaluating the strong and weak ministry areas. Time to pause and pray, for the goal setting was timely as well as they start the year with the clear vision and direction in their respective YMs. (more…)

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PCEC Training, Day 2

It’s just the second Saturday of our event and I can already tell that the youth leaders who have attended the training are a really dedicated bunch.

For one, a lot of them came early. Specifically there’s Jon, Cindy and Leslie of Joy in Christ Church in Cavite. There’s the CYouth-Gen Team of Makati Gospel Church (J.J., Elmer, Ken, Edriane & Kuya Jun) and there’s E.R. who comes all the way from Camarines Norte.

Secondly, the group was very responsive and dedicated, even intense at times as they listened to the trainers.

paper trick


But they were also game–participating in the activities and discussions.

halfway turn discussion

Also, you can tell it from their t-shirts.



We’ve also brought along two other GYMN trainers: (more…)

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PCEC Training, Day 1

On a calm Saturday morning, January the 24th we had a great day. Our long awaited training hosted by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches-National Youth Commission (PCEC-NYC) finally came to pass.

We had a varied crowd of students, some coming from Metro Manila and others coming from neighboring provinces. There was even one person coming from Camarines Sur (eight hours away by bus). At last count, there were 38 youth workers coming from 20 different churches.


Also, we had the presence of Ghie Qaisar at the seminar to teach the first and second sessions. Wow, finally an international speaker for our Philippine seminars! 🙂 (more…)

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We’ve just gotten back from Bicol here in the Philippines where we were part of a Level 1 GYMN training last week (May 20-23, 2008). Wow! would be the short summary of what we’ve experienced. For the details, I’m breaking the whole thing down into a series of posts that started two days ago. This is the third post:

I like this shot. It captures the exuberance and uncontainable joy of the participants. Is it because the whole thing is over? This was captured just after the last lesson. No more goals, nothing left but the graduation celebration.

But there’s also more to it than that. I like it because it shows heart. The youth leaders’ heart – one big thing significantly impacting our trainings. It is a great blessing to be in a training where there are hearts already passionate for God and the youth, as is the case with this training. To the participants of the Bicol GYMNet Conference, if you’re reading this, know that we too have been blessed by who you are.

My hope is that we also, have contributed to the fire in your hearts for God, and that your passion will be passed on to the youth under your care.

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PCEC Seminar

Held in the idyllic setting of Prayer Haven in Laguna, Philippines on June 25-27 of this year, this seminar was also the smallest gathering for a level 1 seminar I had attended. All in all there were 12 students who came. Most were part of the National Youth Commission (PNYC), the youth arm of Philippine Council for Evangelical Churches (PCEC). (more…)

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