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Last Saturday, July 18 was a time to meet-up with old friends and new in the GYMN Office in Manila. We invited graduates of our Level 1 training over and there were a few discussions on youth ministry as well as a preview into the advanced training curriculum we have. Despite the sudden rainy weather (or maybe because of it), brewed coffee and oatmeal choco chip cookies made the perfect afternoon delight. Here’s a video:

Thank you to all who joined for making it such a good time!


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In Iligan CityA GYMN training occurred last Dec. 16-19, 2008 in Iligan City in Mindanao, the huge southern island that makes up a big chunk of the Philippines. This place also holds special meaning for me in that this is the land I have spent much of my ministry years before coming on board GYMN.

I and Ethel came a week earlier to meet with friends from the local church only to find out that the training was in danger of being canceled due to a low number of confirmed participants. The week we had originally scheduled was an extremely busy week as most of the churches were engaged in Christmas events and anniversaries. To top it off, the host church was also busy preparing for a Christmas concert to be held the coming Sunday. After talking with the hosts, we decided to move the training to the following week and spent the time before that meeting up with our contacts, promoting the event to pastors and inviting fellow youth leaders to join the training.

And so our Level 1 training begun on the Tuesday afternoon of December 16. (more…)

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I’ve compiled a list of videos found on the Internet that can be used to illustrate concepts, open up a discussion, serve as a breather to an otherwise lengthy session or emphasize a point. These will be most useful for GYMN trainers during seminars IF they have access to the Internet there (I collected them for this purpose). But youth leaders can also use these clips for teaching times with their youth. (more…)

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