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Asian Missions Video

Here’s a beautiful video that highlights the need in Asia for missions.

We showed this during the last night of our Bora Anniversary.


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Each month we place a spotlight on places in the world where GYMN is operating and hope you would join us in praying for the concerns there.

Our prayer focus of the month is GYMN-Asia.

GYMN-Asia started when a senior pastor from Cebu City, Philippines felt the need to have training for youth ministry for the churches in Cebu. He started searching the internet for any help. He came across the website of GYMN.

From there and then, GYMN trainings have spread out not only in the Philippines but throughout Asia as well. To date, we have trained 3383 youth leaders, impacting 67,660 youth yearly. And have held trainings in 12 countries throughout Asia.

The Philippines being the hub of GYMN in Asia is now multiplying the trainings not just to other parts of the country but even beyond. Other countries amidst restrictions, discriminations, dangers and hardships are now on the same track as well.

Here is the Asia map marked by places with GYMN training:

Legend is as follows:

  • Yellow Globe: Praying/Preparing for GYMN training
  • Orange Globe: Training Ongoing (Level 1)
  • Red Globe: Ready to have Trainers (level 2)
  • Green Globe: Has Trained Local Trainers (Level 3)
  • Blue Globe: Can Send Trainers Outside Their Own Country

Please help us in praying for the following:

  1. That trainers will be able get visas for restricted countries
  2. For protection of the churches in countries where Christians are the minority
  3. For funding to be raised in order to materialize the trainings this year
  4. That what has been started and invested in may bear fruit especially in the youth of Asia today.

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