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The Internet is the world’s largest library.” says John Allen Paulos, “It’s just that all the books are on the floor.” Well, browsing through the youth ministry section I noted some interesting pages that I’d like to share with you.

What to do during your first night in youth ministry – I wish I had this advice when I first met my youth group. (Life in Student Ministry)

22 free software apps for youth ministry – From the given list, I’ve used irfanview, VLC Media Player, AVG Anti-virus, E-Sword and found them to be very useful indeed. (Life in Student Ministry)

4 Temptations of a Youth Worker – Use this to check yourself. I wonder if there’s anyone not tempted by number 3. (REAL STUDENTS)

The Illuminati – Pictures portraying the use of technology by teens, be sure to take a look at the insightful article that comes with these. This can make for a very good discussion material for your youth group (filemagazine via Ypulse)

A letter to Senior Pastors… – Here’s an article you might want to send to your boss or read yourself. (learning my lines)

True Leadership – a post by Brian Berry on an article by Patrick Lencioni, great take on leadership (via YSMarko)

A Critical Evaluation of the Westernization of the Gospel – what parts of our Christianity are “Western culture” and what parts are true “biblical Christianity”? (Lausanne World Pulse)

Also make sure to check out the youth resource links (lower right portion of the blog) that are the source of many of the articles above.


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I’ve compiled a list of videos found on the Internet that can be used to illustrate concepts, open up a discussion, serve as a breather to an otherwise lengthy session or emphasize a point. These will be most useful for GYMN trainers during seminars IF they have access to the Internet there (I collected them for this purpose). But youth leaders can also use these clips for teaching times with their youth. (more…)

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by Ghie

Flexible Wooden Doll

Most of us are, in one way or another, involved with trainings. I just want to share some insights I got from Sean Mcpheat of Training Manager Success on being flexible with our approaches during trainings.

It’s a good job that all people are different. Just ask my training team! I’d love to see the look on their faces if another 20 people like me turned up! I’d drive them to drink! (On second thoughts a few of them might like that!)

As trainers it is our job to get the best out of people on every course that we run. Everyone needs to get the benefits out of the session and thus we must appreciate that all people are different and all of them will have different learning styles and preferences.

We need to keep the “Loud Mouths” in check yet keep them contributing in an empowering way and we also have to appreciate the quieter types who would rather pull their toe nails out rather than answer any question in front of the group! Then there are the delegates who are more practical, hands on people. There will be the reflectors who will need to make sense of it all, there will be those who want pictures and diagrams and then there will be those that will want a lecture! It is our jobs as trainers to quickly establish the preferences of the group and then be flexible enough to adopt different approaches. (more…)

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