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The Web of LifeReadings from the world of youth ministry.

What would Jesus do on spring break? – ‘undercover’ guy goes evangelizing …and he’s not a Christian, which makes Greg Stier ask the question: “Does Street Evangelism Work?”

Blooming where you’re planted is also good advice for us here in the Philippines – When Bigger Isn’t Better (therebelution.com)

Matt Cleaver ponders “Do We Really Need To Study Youth Culture?”

Smalltownyouthpastor.com shares some thoughts on guys in the youth group – Youth Ministry Male Mentorship

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding offers a free issue of their journal Engage (I love the article on parenting) – Summer 2009 Issue

And for us utilizing the internet for ministry: Mark Ostreicher’s last post – The End of YSMarko and Greg Stier’s thoughts on this-  The Seduction of the Web in Ministry (see also comments section for great discussions).


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Asian Missions Video

Here’s a beautiful video that highlights the need in Asia for missions.

We showed this during the last night of our Bora Anniversary.

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Links 6

Great reads, thoughts, and info by youth workers (mostly), for youth workers.

The #1 key ingredient to building relationships with teens – …doesn’t start with teens. (YouthMinBlog.com via Life in Student Ministry)

What Went Wrong With MTV – and how it has to do with youth workers. (youth ministry exchange)

Making Soul Care Practical – Down-to-earth stuff for a youth worker’s personal growth. (youthworker journal)

Premarital Sex Among Christian/Church Teens – Ronald writes from the perspective of a Philippine youth pastor, if you’re from over here too you might want to check the other articles on his site. (A Pilgrim’s Progress)

Vintage Saints: Young Guns, Part 1 – This is very encouraging for me. “Throughout church history God has chosen to use young people… for significant kingdom work.” See also part 2 here.

Teens Crank Up iPod Volume Risk Hearing Damage – Quote from the article “Walkmans back then…usually began to run down after several hours, teenagers today can listen to their iPods for up to 20 hours without recharging them…” (via YPulse)

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Links 5

50%  of cellphone-carrying youth currently live in Asia. How will that impact your youth ministry? Here’s one idea, (found via threebillion.com)

The State of Youth Ministry 2009 – An extensive survey of the global youth ministry scenario PLUS short articles by such veterans as Doug Fields and Mark Ostreicher (found via youthworker.com).

Team Builders – More Than Icebreakers – If you’re in need of some group activities Grahame has got a good list of team builders here.

Three Dramas that Drive Us – Something to remember as we think about all these: “At any given moment we are each engaged in three dramas, but only one of them ultimately matters.”

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LinksMore youth ministry gems and yes, this is part 4. Check out older links 1, 2 & 3 here.

Tweak Before You Kill – Good questions to consider before you end that program (from the PDYM blog).

Veteran advice for new youth workers. A great series of posts, very helpful for those who’ve been in youth ministry two years or less. If you only have time to read one, read the first one. (Life in Student Ministry)

10 Ways to Get Teens Talking – A varied selection of things to try. (Rethinking Youth Ministry)

Girls and Guys: Facing the Facts of Sexual Struggles – to quote the author, “…if these battles are not dealt with honestly, our effectiveness as youth leaders is jeopardized.”

Top Ten Ways to Write Bad Worship Songs – We’ve been encouraging our youth to write the songs for worship so this caught my attention. (Worship Matters via Chris Kidd-Applied Youth Ministry)

Righteous Risks – The failure to risk may be the reason why we’re not getting to where we want to be. (Kuya Kevin)

The Circus, the Power of the Gospel and Youth Ministry – I like how Greg translates 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 into youth-ministry-speak. (Greg Stier)

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Ministry must-reads for the past two months from fellow youth workers and ministers around the world:

Making the camp last all year long – great article once again from Life in Student Ministry.

(Not) Making It Happen – Mark Riddle points out that youth ministry should not be a top-down thing (from the YSBlog but also posted on his blog)

The Death is in the Details – insightful post on the little things that make up a big part of the youth leader’s ministry and how NOT to be overcome by them. (from the PDYMCommunity blog).

Stop Using Media – Speaking of details, this is one cool hint from the Church/Media magazine Collide.

MAP out your evangelism plan – Greg Stier shares the principles his group uses to share the gospel. Some examples are location-specific but many are practical and can certainly be adopted to your local youth group.

Thinking About Parents – Some great points that we youth workers need to realize about parents (from Simply Kurt found via the YS Blog).

Why Bother With Student Ministry? – You may already be convinced of your calling but it’s often helpful to revisit the reasons why we’re in student ministry (from the Lausanne World Pulse).

And while we’re on that topic, here are 7 ways to learn more without more study – from a neuroscientist’s research on maximizing the teenage brain. Pass this on to your youth or try it for yourself.

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Here are articles I’ve read recently that I found compelling enough to share with other youth leaders. Many of these come from fellow youth workers’ blogs, all I believe are valuable to our ministry to the youth. Feel free to post your thoughts on them in the comments section.

Do you have time for a day with your team on the beach…? You should.

10 ways to encourage discussion in your small group – from Grahame Knox’s blog Insight, which also has a good number of other resources for youth workers.

The Youth Worker – Boss Relationship – according to this, “the average youth worker… either has a really, really positive relationship with their lead pastor or a really, really negative one.” Plus this article lists down what you can do to make it better.

Competing with other youth groups – How do you feel about all the teens who used to be in your group but are now in the other youth ministry down the street? Here’s a great perspective.

Is the Church’s Greatest Need Structural or Spiritual? – Since we talk a lot about structure in youth ministry, here’s some food for thought.

Mentored… – Walt’s suggestion (toward the end of the article) is very vital and also feasible. Especially for youth workers who have found no one to mentor them.

Need to catch-up on Gen Y? check out: A look at how Gen Y communicates, Gen Y and 3D worlds and The Secrets of Iconography-know who their heroes are.

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