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1. All the folk looking joyfully brilliant in their Hawaiian attire despite the rain.


2. Herman and Macky lighting up the evening as emcees.


3. The lechon (roast pig) coming in just as Herman mentioned that we had some special guests.

dsc_00504. Josiah, who turns ten this year, holding the cake and blowing the candles as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to GYMN.

5. Rey singing, “Think Big, Think Global!”–his very own song composition.

6. Faith, Ryan, Jek, Epang and Grace trying to state what GYMN meant to them in 10 words or less.


7. Chris honoring the GYMN pioneers: Revie, Macky, Herman, Rey and Ptr. Noel Dionson who started it all by asking Chris to bring the GYMN training to the Philippines in 1998.


8. Chris talks about “trading up.”

9. We finally got the video on GYMN-Asia’s ten-year history to work.

10. Confetti rained on the food.

Bora participants, “What do you remember of our luau?”


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You will get a shock

day-2-pcec-training-1651at how big the work is. Not all people can see the great behind the scene work in the ministry of GYMN. My sister commented one time when I told her I was busy ‘I don’t know how could there be a lot of work in GYMN’. But the work is not only big because of what we do but of what God is doing in and through GYMN.

You will have fears

fearat what lies in your future, as you would just trust God to His purpose and calling to you in GYMN. You’ll be in tears sometimes as you would face various struggles. And in tears to see the priceless wonder of His mighty hand. Plus you’ll get a closer look on how God is fulfilling His great commission amidst of difficulties.

You will have joy

joyof meeting different kinds of people with passion for Christ and for the youth.

Marie Grace Malicdem an Accounting graduating student will be a part time staff of GYMN-Asia starting this February 2009. We all call her Grace. (more…)

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Wish You Were There

gymn-sri-lanka-138It was the last night of our level 1 training in Nepal, everyone had picked a corner to sit while waiting for the grilled buffalo to be cooked. It’s the guys’ idea of how to spend the 3 hours of no electric power since we could not proceed with the last sessions of the training. An electricity cut is a daily experience in Nepal and can happen anytime of the day. From the collected money that everybody gave, we were able to buy few kilos of buffalo and some packs of noodles (which they ate raw and crispy).

Then Herman and another guy started to sing and make music. Then everybody joined in. There was dancing (Eric danced…shhhhh…top secret), singing, laughing and making of different happy sounds. I remembered Sri Lanka. They did the same thing too during the last night of the training. I love the local songs, music and dances!!! As I was enjoying and savoring that moment that is now a wonderful memory to me, I quietly uttered to myself, “I wish they were here! How could they miss all of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences?” How could you? (more…)

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Nepalese Warriors

This post is by Eric Duane R. Pantig. He and 2 other GYMN trainers went to Nepal to train leaders for ministry last November 9-12, 2008.


On our last night in Nepal we were invited by one of the deacons of the host church where the Youth Ministry Strategy Seminar was held. It was a blessed time of fellowship and the meal was satisfying. After dinner the topic of conversation was the bravery of the Nepalese warrior. The deacon who invited us over was a retired British army soldier. According to him the British saw the Nepalese people as brave and cunning warriors. The effect of this topic on me made me realize the importance of the training that Global Youth Ministry Network gave to the young people of Nepal. (more…)

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The Big Day!

Originally uploaded by always13

Six months more and we are 10!!!

Me and my husband have known GYMN since 2004, but we already consider it a family. Maybe, it is the attachments and the relationships built that have me excited as I look forward to the 10th Year Anniversary in Boracay Island, Philippines, on April 30 to May 3, 2009.

There’s the thrill when I think of seeing the pioneers of GYMN Asia and all the graduates and supporters and friends join us on that BIG day!

It’s BIG because of what our big GOD has done for the last 9 years since GYMN Asia was established!

It’s BIG because our lives were blessed by God, one way or another through this ministry!

Come, celebrate with us and let us make known what the Lord has done!

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Me, the Hesitant!

This post is by Lai Losa, a youth leader in our training held in the Philippines (in Bicol) last May. To date this is the most heavily documented of our trainings with feedback from trainer, host, and students. If you’ve been to any of the GYMN seminars, I’m encouraging you to share with us your experience and the things you’ve learned on this blog.

Hesitating to be in the GYMNET SEMINAR, was what I felt initially though at the back of my mind I really wanted to go and experience it. Why such a paranoid feeling? Blame it on ‘AGE & STATUS’.  I am 34 yrs old already, married, with a toddler that is proud that she has Jesus in her heart (and, at present, an expectant mother to my second baby).

Honestly, no one really gave a clear picture what GYMNET is and what the seminar is all about other than “I strongly suggest that you and the youth officers attend this” and “This will give you guys a much wider perspective in God’s ministry.” So after weeks of asking for HIS will and blessing, our LORD provided such amazing support channeled through the Legazpi City Southern Baptist Church family coupled with sincere words from Pastor Shane, our pastor, to be open and sensitive to GOD’s revelation. So three of our youths, Khing, Klang and Meann, and I plunged-in!!! (more…)

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Pampanga Training

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

~2 Corinthians 4:18

Before the training a youth leader shared her struggles when I was promoting this training to her. But she couldn’t attend the training.

Surprisingly, the week before the training she sent me a text message telling me that her professor will not be teaching on Saturday. And she informed her aunt about the training who gave her money for the registration. I told her, God really wanted you to be in the training. I was positive to start the training because of her testimony. And with other youth leaders who really needed this training and were about to attend.

It’s my first time to actually be part in organizing a GYMN seminar. And our Sectional Coordinator went to Australia, so we were left to do the one-month-before preparation for this training. I’m not saying this so I could use it as an excuse. What I’m trying to say is that it was my first time to feel the pressures, stresses, discouragements and the feeling that you just want to cancel the training so that your problem would end. Maybe we were just one of the few organizers who had experienced these struggles in organizing.


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