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Classes are over and it’s summer season in the Philippines! For many a youth leader this means a camp or a retreat. Here’s an article (based on a book by Chap Clark) touching on that very topic, taken from our Connection Points workbook–a follow-up workbook to our seminars.


Spending time with youth is essential for a quality youth ministry. One way to spend a quantity of quality time with youth is through a camp or retreat experience. Consider your weekly youth meetings where you spend about one and a half hours with the youth. Over a one-year period this means you will spend approximately 78 hours with your youth. Now consider a 4-day youth camp where you spend 18 hours a day with the youth (because who sleeps much at a youth camp?). At this camp you will get to be with the youth for 72 hours—almost as much as a whole year of youth meetings! This tells me that youth camps are great investments for our ministries.

Most of you are probably doing some type of youth camps. But we have to ask ourselves some key questions about our current camp strategies and look at some new options to consider for camps. As you read this article evaluate what you currently do for youth camps and look for some new ideas. (more…)


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