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We’ve Moved

GYMN-Asia blog has moved to its new home: www.gymn-asia.net.

One unbelievable gentleman, software expert Jonjon has given as server space and the assistance to make this leap.

We’ll still be doing there what we’ve been doing here but we hope to be able to integrate other features not possible on this wordpress site.

See you there!


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Last Saturday, July 18 was a time to meet-up with old friends and new in the GYMN Office in Manila. We invited graduates of our Level 1 training over and there were a few discussions on youth ministry as well as a preview into the advanced training curriculum we have. Despite the sudden rainy weather (or maybe because of it), brewed coffee and oatmeal choco chip cookies made the perfect afternoon delight. Here’s a video:

Thank you to all who joined for making it such a good time!

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This post is a part of the Youth Connections, articles on youth ministry that we send out to GYMN graduates every other month.

Technology is bringing about new social, political, and business orders. It is affecting how governments, organizations and people interact.1

And it is probably already affecting the dynamics of your youth ministry. For young people are the most likely group to make use of new technologies.

Take cell phones: although people of all ages use cell phones, young people are much more likely to use the text messaging and other data services on their mobile phones than their elders. One reason being that younger users are more willing to adopt to new forms of communication and technology in general. What has this to do with our youth ministry? If we are able to harness technology in our ministry, it will be one way of meeting young people where they are.

Also, we would be able to enhance the way we minister. Video and computer presentation programs help to convey a message to the youth in ways impossible before.  Cell phones, E-mails and communication software make it easy and cost-effective to talk and coordinate over long distances.  And the Internet has an excess of useful information for youth ministry.

Tangled Technology

Indeed there are already a multitude of tech tools already available that we may be overwhelmed in choosing what to use amongst a multitude of options. Therefore, even before we integrate new technology into our ministry we must already have a picture of what we want to do and where we want to go in our ministry.

Here are some ways that youth ministries have made use of new technology for its purposes: (more…)

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Some updates to the site, I’ve added a History page, so you know a bit of the background story of GYMN, and have revised the About page, making it more comprehensive.

Also: GYMN Africa has a blog!

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