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For the past four Saturdays (June 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2009) at 1 past noon to 7 in the evening, four GYMN trainers (I, Ethel, Eric and Aboy) have been teaching the Level 1 material to leaders of “Youth Alive” the youth department of Word of Hope here in Quezon City, Philippines. Here’s a glimpse into the event:


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Links 7

The Web of LifeReadings from the world of youth ministry.

What would Jesus do on spring break? – ‘undercover’ guy goes evangelizing …and he’s not a Christian, which makes Greg Stier ask the question: “Does Street Evangelism Work?”

Blooming where you’re planted is also good advice for us here in the Philippines – When Bigger Isn’t Better (therebelution.com)

Matt Cleaver ponders “Do We Really Need To Study Youth Culture?”

Smalltownyouthpastor.com shares some thoughts on guys in the youth group – Youth Ministry Male Mentorship

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding offers a free issue of their journal Engage (I love the article on parenting) – Summer 2009 Issue

And for us utilizing the internet for ministry: Mark Ostreicher’s last post – The End of YSMarko and Greg Stier’s thoughts on this-  The Seduction of the Web in Ministry (see also comments section for great discussions).

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Poster Redux

Check out the varied ways that GYMN seminars have been announced in print through the years. What poster appeals to you the most?

Poster 3Poster 2Poster 1

Bicol Poster

Pampanga Poster by Bennette
PCEC Poster copy

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Camarines Norte Training

Cam Norte Training 004Rey in TrainingBennetteGroup ActivityTaking NotesBanner

A month ago, May 9, just a week after our Boracay anniversary I found myself on a bus coming from Manila on an 8-hour trip toward Labo, Camarines Norte, a place me and my companions had never been to before. Finding yourself in far-out places is one thing that comes with being involved with GYMN.

Four of us came from Metro Manila, me, Rey Dorimon, Bennette Pena and Ronnie Astrologo, chairman of the National Youth Commission who was instrumental in coordinating this training. We were invited to Labo by E.R. Villagomez who heads the CANICEF youth department in Camarines Norte.

And then there were the 26 representatives of different churches across the region who spent three days in the intensive seminar that is our Level 1 training. (more…)

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Bench’s Happy Day!

Cake Blowing

Bench blows the cake.

Game Hosts

The games begin courtesy of our emcees, Jeff and Abby.


Net shares her testimony.

Around the Table

Happy Birthday, Bench! We had a great time!

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This post is by Jomesh, Youth Ministry Coordinator of the Himalayan Bible Study Academy in Nepal.

Eleven months ago, we, the youth ministry department of Himalayan Bible Study Academy were called to train youth leaders of the Tansen district. Tansen district is one of the districts out of 75 districts in Nepal, which situates in the west part of Nepal. It is about 275 kilometers west of the capital city Katmandu and takes 10 hours bus drive. We were asked to come and train their youth leaders during the rainy season. It is so risky to travel in Nepal during rainy season because there will be lots of landslides that will destroy highways and even cover buses.

Brother Samuel and I started our journey early in the morning from Katmandu. We booked our ticket in Micro-Bus which is faster than bigger buses. It was raining while we started our journey but we still moved on. After 5 hours, we were stuck in the place called Butwal because there was a huge landslide that took place recently. About 100 buses were stuck because of this landslide and there was no way to get across. It had smashed about 600 meters of the highway. We were stuck there for 8 hours. Then people started walking through that landslide even though it was still falling. It was so risky to make that decision because big stones and mud were still falling and anything could happen. But then we decided to walk because participants had already come from different churches.

We prayed but still with fear begun to walk. We were trembling. We would have to look up and walk to make sure stones wouldn’t fall upon us. We walked barefoot and stopped many times just to let the stones fall first. Wow! that was the most terrifying experience I ever had.

We made it. God helped us to get to the training location. There were 45 participants gathered from different churches and denominations of Tansen.

God was great that we could hold this training in the midst of all the risky challenges.

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