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Asian Missions Video

Here’s a beautiful video that highlights the need in Asia for missions.

We showed this during the last night of our Bora Anniversary.


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Remembering the 10th

Here’s a guest post from one of our Bora Participants, Georgia Jakosalem:

Inside looking Out

The 10th year GYMN anniversary was a time of refreshing. Aside from the beautiful scenery in Boracay there is nothing like the place where GYMN participants, guests and staff gathered together to worship God in Faith Retreat Chapel. I’m so blessed with the worship and all the speakers. I’m thankful for every speaker, especially Ms. Carol for her message about “Christian Authenticity”. Her message somehow touched my heart in different ways.


group timeThe session on the second day was superb! We had a wonderful session with Pastor Sur del Rosario, who discussed with our group the topic “New generations, new questions”. I got new insights from the group who somehow shared their experiences as youth leaders.


Here he isOne of the most fun activities was the Boracay Challenge. Indeed it was very challenging. Non-stop running and our tag line was, “Where’s Josh?” because we had the youngest member in our group–the son of Pastor Jerome, who kept on wandering during the challenge and everyone was so concerned about him because we needed to do the challenges and run together as a group. It was tiring but I enjoyed it. We did not get the first place but for us we are the champions. We ran as a team, nobody gave up and we finished the race.

Congratulations GYMN!  Continue to be a blessing…

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Day 2 of our Boracay event was centered on the theme of equipping. We are grateful that God brought us the following teachers:

1. Sur del Rosario, director of the National Youth Ministries Network of Phil. Gen. Council of the Assemblies of God answered the question, “Why equip in and for youth ministry?” He also gave a discussion on issues that this generation of young people are asking.

2. Macky Sabayle, Youth and Evangelism Pastor of Bradford United Church of Christ, Inc. in Cebu City delved into “Having a healthy relationship with your senior pastor.”

3. Rey Dorimon, one of the most prolific GYMN trainers and a teacher at Bethel Bible College presented his views on modern worship.

4. Carol Potratz, Ministry Recruitment & Care Discipleship of the North American Baptist Conference put the spotlight on staying healthy in youth ministry. Later in the evening she also gave the challenge to be authentic Christians who change nations.

5 & 6. Denton & Elsie Bardoquillo, a husband-and-wife team whose ministry sheds light on the issues surrounding Same-Sex-Attraction and Homosexuality, how it can be prevented, and how they can be reached. They opened up the subject “Handling Same-Sex-Attraction in Youth Ministry.”

7. Chris Davis, GYMN executive director, talked on the need to focus on the heart of the leader. He pointed out, “What good is a toolbox of you don’t have a healthy heart to use the tools?”

8, 9 & 10. And then there were our three special delegates from other Asian countries, including Wadam Khong Khin of Myanmar and Jomesh Tamang of Nepal who gave us glimpses of what ministry means in their countries and challenged us to pray for and support the Christian endeavor there.

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1. All the folk looking joyfully brilliant in their Hawaiian attire despite the rain.


2. Herman and Macky lighting up the evening as emcees.


3. The lechon (roast pig) coming in just as Herman mentioned that we had some special guests.

dsc_00504. Josiah, who turns ten this year, holding the cake and blowing the candles as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to GYMN.

5. Rey singing, “Think Big, Think Global!”–his very own song composition.

6. Faith, Ryan, Jek, Epang and Grace trying to state what GYMN meant to them in 10 words or less.


7. Chris honoring the GYMN pioneers: Revie, Macky, Herman, Rey and Ptr. Noel Dionson who started it all by asking Chris to bring the GYMN training to the Philippines in 1998.


8. Chris talks about “trading up.”

9. We finally got the video on GYMN-Asia’s ten-year history to work.

10. Confetti rained on the food.

Bora participants, “What do you remember of our luau?”

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Last April 6-12, Rey went all the way to Tugegarao, Philippines and trained 47 youth leaders from the Church of the Living God with the GYMN material. Tugegarao is one of the northernmost regions in the Philippines and takes is an estimated 16 hours to reach (if taking the bus ride) from the capital city of Metro Manila. Making what he did almost hard to believe (this was happening simultaneous with their youth camp of 1500+ young people where he was the speaker). But praise be to God for giving him the strength.

Here are some pictures of the event:



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I am convinced that we have to be sure to keep track of and evaluate three major components in our lives. These three form what I believe to be a 3 legged stool. The three areas are those of spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. These three are tightly integrated together for you and I as leaders and in those we lead as well. To illustrate the integration, the 3 legged stool shows us that if one leg is not healthy then the seat is out of balance. You may think that balance is not a big issue, but balance is essential in order for the seat to perform its intended function.

Scripture speaks loudly about these areas of our lives and honestly we as Christians probably could fall prey to the idea that all that matters is the spiritual aspect. But let me challenge you to allow God’s Spirit to whisper to you in the midst of this article and His Word. In Luke 2:52, we see that Jesus grew in wisdom (intellectually), stature (physically), with God (spiritually) and man (emotionally/socially).  Did you get that? Jesus, the Messiah, fully God and fully man, needed to grow as well in a multitude of areas. Jesus continues to discuss emotion as well in Matthew 22:37, where he mentions the need to love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind (emphasis added).

I want to mainly deal with the area of emotional health in this article. One way to view your emotional health is to see it as a bank account.

In banking, to keep in the black is to have a positive balance. It requires that you save more than you spend when it comes to finances. Put another way, you have to have more in deposits than in withdrawals. That is easy to understand and even to monitor as well. Most banks will give you a simple print out to show your balance and you can easily see if your deposits for a given time period are more or less than the withdrawals.

I wish it was that easy for us emotionally. I have yet to receive an emotional “bank account statement” in the mail telling me of my status. So how do we really know how we are doing in this area, not just for ourselves but even for those who we serve in our leadership teams?


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