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A Crucial Time


Last week was one of the most important weeks in GYMN-Asia’s history. Key representatives from Asian countries are with us at this time. Philippine trainers, contacts and friends have come over to the office daily to visit and connect. Also with us are our staff from the International Office, Chris Davis and Matt Pounds.


It’s a Summit! We’ve been discussing our training material, getting to know one another better and visiting some churches that we’ve partnered with in youth ministry. This week we will be going to be discuss strategies on how to impact the youth in our countries and all throughout Asia.

I’ll be posting some updates on this next week but for now check out Chris (gymnintl.wordpress.com) and Matt’s (gymnmatt.wordpress.com) blogs. They are doing day by day accounts of the whole event (they even have some videos).


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Miracle and Joy

Miracle is the english translation for the word ‘Ejaz’ and that is what he brings to GYMN-Asia, his story (and you have to hear it for yourself) will astonish you of what God has done and is still doing through this man.

Sharee Joy’s name needs no translation. This 1 year old little girl more than lives up to her name , she always manages to uplift your spirit no matter how hectic or heavy a day is. One look at this little baby girl brings laughter and gladness. Her name also reminds me of our purpose here: to share our joy.

Join us today as we remember and give thanks for to God for these two wonderful people:

Ejaz and Sharee Joy, Happy Birthday!

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For the participants of our 10th Anniversary in Boracay, Philippines:

gymnasia10Ladies and gentlemen, we have scheduled the following specialized topics in youth ministry for the 2nd Day of the event.

  1. Training for Modern Worship
  2. Creating a Healthy Relationship with your Senior Pastor
  3. Getting & Staying Healthy in the Crazy World of Youth Ministry
  4. New Generations, New Questions: issues we need to address that our emerging culture is asking
  5. Handling Same-Sex-Attraction in Your Youth Ministry

HOWEVER, you can only choose two topics to attend as these will all be taught at the same time. Select two of the topics and we will try to prioritize you for it. Slots for each topic are limited so please choose as soon as you can.

I will post your names across the topics as soon as I receive confirmation from you. You can inform me through the comments on this blog, through e-mail or through text.

Update: the following are the confirmed participants for the above topics

1. Training for Modern Worship: Blessie David, Monaliza, Milojane Catorce, Jek Mahinay, Jeff Venturina, Cindy Canlas, Rins Miralles, Ryu Cutad, Gigi Jakosalem, Oliver Odiver, Jik Romero, Grace Malicdem, Mervz Mariquit, Janel Palma

2. Creating a Healthy Relationship with your Senior Pastor: Justin, Abby Cagado, Rins Miralles, Miki & Ken Quintela, Justi, Tope Diaz, E.R. Villegas,

3. Getting & Staying Healthy in the Crazy World of Youth Ministry: Blessie David, Eric Pantig, Justin, Revie Luciaja, Abby Cagado, Randy Garcia, Bon Bangalan, Pips Santillana, LM Plaza, Nan Pena, Cindy Canlas, E.R. Villegas, Miki & Ken Quintela, Eubs Capon, Grace Malicdem, Mervz Mariquit, Oliver Odiver, Gevi Villanea, Tope Diaz, Janel Palma–closed

4. New Generations, New Questions: Eric Pantig, Monaliza, Milojane Catorce, Jek Mahinay, Jonjon Bonso, Randy Garcia, Bon Bangalan, Pips Santillana, LM Plaza, Nan Pena, Eubs Capon, Gigi Jakosalem, Bennette Pena, Jerome Yap

5. Handling Same-Sex-Attraction in Your Youth Ministry: Jik Romero, Jonjon Bonso, Jeff Venturina, Ryu Cutad, Bennette Pena

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Classes are over and it’s summer season in the Philippines! For many a youth leader this means a camp or a retreat. Here’s an article (based on a book by Chap Clark) touching on that very topic, taken from our Connection Points workbook–a follow-up workbook to our seminars.


Spending time with youth is essential for a quality youth ministry. One way to spend a quantity of quality time with youth is through a camp or retreat experience. Consider your weekly youth meetings where you spend about one and a half hours with the youth. Over a one-year period this means you will spend approximately 78 hours with your youth. Now consider a 4-day youth camp where you spend 18 hours a day with the youth (because who sleeps much at a youth camp?). At this camp you will get to be with the youth for 72 hours—almost as much as a whole year of youth meetings! This tells me that youth camps are great investments for our ministries.

Most of you are probably doing some type of youth camps. But we have to ask ourselves some key questions about our current camp strategies and look at some new options to consider for camps. As you read this article evaluate what you currently do for youth camps and look for some new ideas. (more…)

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Happy Birthday!

April 1 is half the fun if it’s not without this lady,


For April first just happens to be the birthday of Ethel Tauli.

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Links 6

Great reads, thoughts, and info by youth workers (mostly), for youth workers.

The #1 key ingredient to building relationships with teens – …doesn’t start with teens. (YouthMinBlog.com via Life in Student Ministry)

What Went Wrong With MTV – and how it has to do with youth workers. (youth ministry exchange)

Making Soul Care Practical – Down-to-earth stuff for a youth worker’s personal growth. (youthworker journal)

Premarital Sex Among Christian/Church Teens – Ronald writes from the perspective of a Philippine youth pastor, if you’re from over here too you might want to check the other articles on his site. (A Pilgrim’s Progress)

Vintage Saints: Young Guns, Part 1 – This is very encouraging for me. “Throughout church history God has chosen to use young people… for significant kingdom work.” See also part 2 here.

Teens Crank Up iPod Volume Risk Hearing Damage – Quote from the article “Walkmans back then…usually began to run down after several hours, teenagers today can listen to their iPods for up to 20 hours without recharging them…” (via YPulse)

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