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Happy Tenth!


Sri Lankan youth worker wishes GYMN-Asia a happy tenth anniversary which is this year. The celebration is 50 days away!  See you there.


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By far one of the greatest risk areas and potential areas of frustration for youth leaders is their relationship with those in authority over them within the church. Youth ministries will not be effective without a proper authority structure. In addition an understanding and obedience to those structures by the youth leadership is essential.


I know that as young leaders you and I have so many brilliant ideas on changing the world. We have plans, vision and a ton of energy to put toward that effort. Allow me to give you a warning. Following these passions without authority can lead to destruction. Destruction in your church, your own life and in the spiritual lives of the youth you care so much for.  So, my dear youth leader friends, be very careful of how you walk and talk. (more…)

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