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New Prayer Coordinator


Just want to introduce to you our new GYMN Asia Prayer Coordinator starting this January, 2009. She has been my close friend and personal prayer partner for more than 10 years now. She is also a prayer partner and a supporter of GYMN, now based in Singapore and working as an electronic engineer. Just recently she joined our training in Sri Lanka where she captured many hearts by her sweet and down to earth personality.

She will soon be networking with some people from different locations to form networks of prayer warriors to make sure we and our work in GYMN are covered and saturated with prayers. She has already formed her small group of prayer partners in Singapore who are praying for us. Please don’t hesitate to reach her and share your prayer requests. Share answered prayer requests as well. As you send your prayer requests, remember to pray for her too and the prayer ministry/group. We believe that this is a very vital ministry in GYMN. Feel free to send comments for encouragement, etc as well. Guys and gals, drum roll please..as we welcome Ms. Sheryl Dacillo!!!


Note: Gen, our previous prayer coordinator will still be working closely with Sheryl. Thanks much Gen for the services selflessly rendered and will still be rendering. You have blest so many. We are so grateful.


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What youth or youth worker hasn’t, at one time, felt that way or echoed that sentiment? Here’s a booklet written by Michael Boggs, useful especially for youth leaders on the authorities in our lives. Click on the links below the title to download:

Help!!! I Am Tired of Being Told What To Do! (God’s Purposes for Authorities in Our Lives)

(Click here to download in PDF) or (Download as a Microsoft Word File)

Michael Boggs has served in many leadership positions in Christian groups and in business. His years of service and leadership give him the understanding necessary for both sides of authority, those in authority and those under authority. Mike provides his God-given wisdom from his life experiences as he serves on the GYMN Board of Directors as well.

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In Iligan CityA GYMN training occurred last Dec. 16-19, 2008 in Iligan City in Mindanao, the huge southern island that makes up a big chunk of the Philippines. This place also holds special meaning for me in that this is the land I have spent much of my ministry years before coming on board GYMN.

I and Ethel came a week earlier to meet with friends from the local church only to find out that the training was in danger of being canceled due to a low number of confirmed participants. The week we had originally scheduled was an extremely busy week as most of the churches were engaged in Christmas events and anniversaries. To top it off, the host church was also busy preparing for a Christmas concert to be held the coming Sunday. After talking with the hosts, we decided to move the training to the following week and spent the time before that meeting up with our contacts, promoting the event to pastors and inviting fellow youth leaders to join the training.

And so our Level 1 training begun on the Tuesday afternoon of December 16. (more…)

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I know it’s the beginning of the year and so the topic may seem ironic. This was actually to be sent out last December but I’m posting it here for Level 1 graduates who didn’t get their copy in the mail. As you read on I do hope you find encouragement from it. May you have a wonderful fresh start to the year ahead!

Season End

Like accident or deadly disease, this is not a topic I or any youth worker really wants to dwell on. Haven’t we known fellow leaders who have left the ministry in very bad circumstances and hoped that the same would not happen to us? It is one topic though that I still want to discuss with you because preparing for the end of your part in youth ministry is needed in order that your youth ministry does not end.

That may sound confusing but let me explain. The average age of the youth leader may be shorter than you think. There are few documented studies on how long a youth leader spends in ministry but the ones I read come to the same conclusion: there is a very high turnover rate for youth leaders (see these for example). Possible causes for the end of ministry are numerous: burnout, conflict with leadership, lack of adequate training or resources, etc. Not all the reasons are bad. God could call you to take up another role in his service which also happens regularly. (more…)

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