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Youth-owned ministry was the big reason I came into Christian fellowship. Indeed, I came to the church on a midweek evening service and there were around 10 people present that evening. The message that night I have long since forgotten along with who the speaker was. What stood out though was that most of those who were present and part of the service were young people. Some gave their testimonies and they all shook my hand as the program came to a close. One young person who couldn’t be a few years older than I said “I hope you would return.” That was the start. I attended that service week after week and to my amazement it was indeed the young people who were in charge of not just that service but other ministries I had only before seen adults in charge of. Later I finally became a part of the church, but the vast portion of my time was spent with the youth group. I had found a place to belong.

Here are some insights from my ministry:
Youth-owned ministry starts when the leaders take the dreams of the young seriously. If you are a youth leader, you should be the initiator for this. Take a moment and think of the young people you have right now. Do you know what they hope the youth group could be? Or what their dreams are for the ministry? Talk to them about it and you may be surprised at their ideas and thoughts.

Secondly, youth-owned ministry entrusts the youth with servant leadership. In an environment of love and acceptance from adult leaders who truly believe in their youth’s capacity to lead, young people will engage in ministry quite naturally. Eagerly too. Joel Van Dyke’s experience in his ministry shows an example of this: (more…)


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