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The Bicol Group hosted the Level 1 training in Legaspi City last May this year. There were 39 trainees and among them were 10 key people representing their church or organization. Three months after the training, we met-up with these key leaders again.

Alvan and I went back to Bicol last August 29 and went straight to Legaspi and slept for a night. The meeting was scheduled on September 30, Saturday at 9:00 in the morning in Graceland-Pacific Mall.  Some of the leaders were coming from Naga City and neighboring towns of Legaspi.

At 10 A.M. we were starting to fill the fast-food center, so we decided to occupy the meeting area in the corner. At 11 o’clock we were ready to begin. The room heated up with warm smiles, hugs and catching-up with each other. For most of us, it was the first time we’d seen each other since the training. We felt the warmness of the souls of these leaders. We were joined by the Bicol Organizers Pastor Abel and his 6-month pregnant wife Ate Mhel, Ate Eden,and Ate Gen. (more…)


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Me, the Hesitant!

This post is by Lai Losa, a youth leader in our training held in the Philippines (in Bicol) last May. To date this is the most heavily documented of our trainings with feedback from trainer, host, and students. If you’ve been to any of the GYMN seminars, I’m encouraging you to share with us your experience and the things you’ve learned on this blog.

Hesitating to be in the GYMNET SEMINAR, was what I felt initially though at the back of my mind I really wanted to go and experience it. Why such a paranoid feeling? Blame it on ‘AGE & STATUS’.  I am 34 yrs old already, married, with a toddler that is proud that she has Jesus in her heart (and, at present, an expectant mother to my second baby).

Honestly, no one really gave a clear picture what GYMNET is and what the seminar is all about other than “I strongly suggest that you and the youth officers attend this” and “This will give you guys a much wider perspective in God’s ministry.” So after weeks of asking for HIS will and blessing, our LORD provided such amazing support channeled through the Legazpi City Southern Baptist Church family coupled with sincere words from Pastor Shane, our pastor, to be open and sensitive to GOD’s revelation. So three of our youths, Khing, Klang and Meann, and I plunged-in!!! (more…)

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Survey on Youth Connections

How do you find the Youth Connection?

This is for those who’ve been receiving the Youth Connection articles (it’s ok if you just read it online we still would like your help), we need your valuable feedback so that we can know how to improve on it.

Click here to take the survey.

We’ll give copies of the Connection Points (a GYMN book designed to be used with the youth leadership team) to 5 people (chosen randomly) who successfully complete our survey.

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Pampanga Training Pictures

Below are a few of the pictures taken during the GYMN Level 1 and 2 Training in Pampanga, Philippines. If you’re one of the students from the training we’d love to hear how you found the experience.

The smiles of the participants on the last day of the training:

Level 1 Students:


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Youth-Owned Ministry

This post is part of a collection of articles sent as a follow-up to GYMN trainings. You can use these posts in your youth ministry. At the end of the article are questions for you to reflect on or for your youth leadership team to discuss.

Several years ago I found myself tired, discouraged and frustrated with the ministry to youth that I was involved with in North Philadelphia (USA).  I had been a youth pastor at a small urban church for about 5 years and had tried all the things I had ever read and heard that I was supposed to do to be an effective shepherd of young lives but it just didn’t seem to be working.  I had tried to get youth involved with many of “my great ideas” and all the “divinely inspired” ministry strategies that I was sure would work but there always seemed to be a lack of commitment and zeal on behalf of the youth. The teens had little or no ownership in the ministry and no desire to reach out to their peers.

One day as I was walking through a hallway in the church towards my office I heard someone playing the piano.  I didn’t recognize the song or the voice so I made my way up to the sanctuary to see if someone had gotten into the building that was not supposed to be there.  What I saw and heard has forever transformed my view of youth ministry. (more…)

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