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Pampanga Training

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

~2 Corinthians 4:18

Before the training a youth leader shared her struggles when I was promoting this training to her. But she couldn’t attend the training.

Surprisingly, the week before the training she sent me a text message telling me that her professor will not be teaching on Saturday. And she informed her aunt about the training who gave her money for the registration. I told her, God really wanted you to be in the training. I was positive to start the training because of her testimony. And with other youth leaders who really needed this training and were about to attend.

It’s my first time to actually be part in organizing a GYMN seminar. And our Sectional Coordinator went to Australia, so we were left to do the one-month-before preparation for this training. I’m not saying this so I could use it as an excuse. What I’m trying to say is that it was my first time to feel the pressures, stresses, discouragements and the feeling that you just want to cancel the training so that your problem would end. Maybe we were just one of the few organizers who had experienced these struggles in organizing.



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Our Family Here

Here is more from our brother, a GYMN graduate and volunteer, who is currently on a mission trip. The first part was posted last week.

The workshop is growing!!! We had 50 participants yesterday, the third day of the four-day workshop. With the increase in attendance, the first week’s theme must be providing what the local “body” needs. The goal is for them to leave the workshop with concrete plans on how to reach the nominal members of our “family”, and how to reach our “cousins”, from the other side of the family of our mutual grandfather Abraham. Yesterday the participants took the first two days of work and made concrete plans on reaching the nominal members of the “body”. Today, the last day, we will help them formulate plans to reach our cousins. As you know, the family feud is still going on, and it is about time we offer our love from Him and share the truth. (more…)

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Here are articles I’ve read recently that I found compelling enough to share with other youth leaders. Many of these come from fellow youth workers’ blogs, all I believe are valuable to our ministry to the youth. Feel free to post your thoughts on them in the comments section.

Do you have time for a day with your team on the beach…? You should.

10 ways to encourage discussion in your small group – from Grahame Knox’s blog Insight, which also has a good number of other resources for youth workers.

The Youth Worker – Boss Relationship – according to this, “the average youth worker… either has a really, really positive relationship with their lead pastor or a really, really negative one.” Plus this article lists down what you can do to make it better.

Competing with other youth groups – How do you feel about all the teens who used to be in your group but are now in the other youth ministry down the street? Here’s a great perspective.

Is the Church’s Greatest Need Structural or Spiritual? – Since we talk a lot about structure in youth ministry, here’s some food for thought.

Mentored… – Walt’s suggestion (toward the end of the article) is very vital and also feasible. Especially for youth workers who have found no one to mentor them.

Need to catch-up on Gen Y? check out: A look at how Gen Y communicates, Gen Y and 3D worlds and The Secrets of Iconography-know who their heroes are.

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