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GYMN in Bora

“Boracay is a tropical island located approximately 315km (200 miles) south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.” ~Wikipedia

Bora '08 012

It’s where we held our mid-year planning and retreat, (more…)


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My heart was overwhelmingly grateful to God from this trip. Did I tell you that we went to the elephant show, snake show, silk farm, to one of the best resorts in Chiang Mai, Traditional Khantoke dinner and many more!? Yes, wow! 😉

Traditional Khantoke Dinner

IMG0186 (1) (more…)

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Several years ago when I was about to go on my first mission trip, a pastor gave these words. He said,

I know that you intend to bless people during this trip but be assured that in this trip you will be more blessed by those you will minister to.

His words are still true even for our very recent GYMN training in Thailand and Cambodia.

I took the time to prepare myself for this Level I training in Thailand and Cambodia knowing that the materials we will provide will be very helpful for pastors and youth leaders in doing ministry to the youth in their respective countries. With God’s enablement, my aim was to equip, encourage and empower people that will attend our GYMN trainings.

With the help of my companions Rey and Bennette, we saw God move in the seminars and in the lives of those who participated in it.

In Thailand you would see the participants as they would struggle with (more…)

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A Tale of Two Dinners

This post was written by Louis Mark Plaza, GYMN trainer and volunteer.

When I told my co-workers that I’m leaving for Manila in a week, they asked me what I will do there. I told them that I’m invited for a special dinner and so they laughed and jokingly added that maybe I should eat my breakfast in Hong Kong and my lunch in Singapore. It was a lighthearted office conversation but I was already a bit tensed in how I will explain to my boss this four-day leave of absence. With God’s indescribable ways, my boss allowed me to go in spite of the non-work related and almost personal nature of my trip. I was invited by GYMN as the Mindanao representative to a Dinner for Asia on July 1 and a GYMN Trainers’ Dinner on July 2. (more…)

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Beauty from Ashes

Psalm 96:3-4

Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
he is to be feared above all gods.

Who would have thought that my next assignment is to teach in Thailand and Cambodia! Yes, He allowed me to go out. It was my first time to travel to other countries. In two weeks God let me behold His name outside my country, outside my world and outside my contented comfort zone. I was able to see a glimpse of His global perspective. And to experience Him being the Lord of nations was very humbling and breathtaking. I can only bow down as His glory shines around me from this trip. He is great and greatly to be praised!

The first couple of days in Thailand were a heart molding experience. (more…)

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This post is part of a collection of articles sent as a follow-up to GYMN trainings. You can use these posts in your youth ministry. At the end of the article are questions for you to reflect on or for your youth leadership team to discuss.

In the city, where I first got involved in youth ministry, is a mountain rising high above sea level. Hikers traveling along the well-worn path can reach a resting place where the peak of the mountain can be seen. But to reach that mountain top requires passage along a difficult path that goes up steeply and is troublesome to pass. From this point in the journey people stop and enjoy the limited view of the scenery. Most of them, seeing that going farther will be difficult, linger for a while and then head back down. Only those who persevere get to see the view from above, a breath-taking view, of the entire city and the sea beyond.

There is an analogy to this story in our youth ministry. (more…)

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