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This post is by Dean Rosero, one of the youth leaders who joined the GYMN Training in Bicol.

Where to go and why go? What to do? How to do it and get things done? When to do it? Some questions easy-to-answer but hard to carry out – and that’s what GYMN did – help us get things done in each and every youth ministry.

Taking Notes

The GYMN seminar/training held here in Albay last May 20-23, 2008 was very helpful to me and my youth ministry in our church and youth organization. GYMN enabled us to set goals and be productive through our purpose statements, be more equipped and prepared as a youth leader in doing our part in the ministry – winning more souls/youth for Christ and helping them grow in Christ as well; it helped me to be more practical but objective in planning, organizing, and visualizing what this generation can do for the ministry and what we, as youth leaders can also do for them. The GYMN training helped us create helpful activities, strategies and methods for the youth and prepare them (not just the leaders) for the ministry.

The burden in winning souls for Christ is not a one-man army, but a team effort. GYMN’s emphasis on team building and team effort and increasing our effort in multiplying has been effective in motivating current and future youth leaders, for the CHURCH through effective evangelism and follow-ups. You may have all the materials, curricula, programs, activities, strategies by known effective youth leaders but Youth Ministry still won’t be effective and productive without the passion in it. And that’s the best thing GYMN did for each and every one of us… instilling that “PASSION” for the youth in our hearts.

I’m looking forward, and I’m very excited to see ya’ll again guys for the Level II seminar (hmm… kanus-a na to kuya? I know it won’t be long, I’m praying for it… 🙂 and Ate, I’m keeping that promise… 🙂 ).

For God was in Christ, restoring the world to Himself.  This is the wonderful message He has given us to tell others.  We are Christ’s ambassadors.  God is using us to speak to others.

2 Corinthians 5:19-20

And God is using you to equip these ambassadors! Kudos GYMN! God bless this ministry…


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On God’s Enabling

Last week, Alvan was invited by the National Youth Commission (NYC) to speak on adolescent intellectual development in relation to youth ministry. So on Saturday we went to the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) building where the seminar was conducted. I assisted him during his session, so I got the chance to observe him closely.  While listening to him, I just smiled and concluded “Now he speaks Tagalog so well.”

I  remember the first time we conducted a Level 1 Seminar in Manila with Tagalog-speaking audience, Alvan spoke English in his sessions since he can express his thoughts better in English, and his Tagalog is really a Visayan version. 🙂

It’s now our 12th month since we arrived here in Manila, and I’m just thanking God for enabling both of us to be better servants for HIS kingdom.

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Our team of 3 is currently in Thailand now conducting a level 1 training. Rey Dorimon is heading the team with Bennette Peña (GYMN staff) and Erick Pantig (volunteer trainer) helping. Rey has been doing international trainings on behalf of GYMN for the last 2 years while it is Bennette’s first time to travel out of the country. Erick is a pastor of a church and the national coordinator of their youth organization.

The team will be training youth workers from villages of Thailand and from the city as well. They will move forward to Cambodia to conduct the same training to youth leaders from churches and campuses. Both trainings are organized by Asia’s Hope. Please pray for the team and the ongoing trainings that God would accomplish His purposes He wants to happen during these times.

Text messages and emails can also be a great encouragement to them.

Going International

Here are Rey and Bennette before leaving the Philippines.

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GYMN in Pampanga

There’s going to be a GYMN Seminar this coming August in Pampanga, Philippines. This will be for youth pastors, leaders, coordinators and potential youth leaders. Here’s a poster courtesy of Bennette and the Pampanga Section YM Network.

Pampanga Poster

If you’re interested or want to know more, do contact Ptr. Jik above or leave a message on their site, found here: PSYMN@yahoogroups

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A Dinner for Asia

Further Information:


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The Internet is the world’s largest library.” says John Allen Paulos, “It’s just that all the books are on the floor.” Well, browsing through the youth ministry section I noted some interesting pages that I’d like to share with you.

What to do during your first night in youth ministry – I wish I had this advice when I first met my youth group. (Life in Student Ministry)

22 free software apps for youth ministry – From the given list, I’ve used irfanview, VLC Media Player, AVG Anti-virus, E-Sword and found them to be very useful indeed. (Life in Student Ministry)

4 Temptations of a Youth Worker – Use this to check yourself. I wonder if there’s anyone not tempted by number 3. (REAL STUDENTS)

The Illuminati – Pictures portraying the use of technology by teens, be sure to take a look at the insightful article that comes with these. This can make for a very good discussion material for your youth group (filemagazine via Ypulse)

A letter to Senior Pastors… – Here’s an article you might want to send to your boss or read yourself. (learning my lines)

True Leadership – a post by Brian Berry on an article by Patrick Lencioni, great take on leadership (via YSMarko)

A Critical Evaluation of the Westernization of the Gospel – what parts of our Christianity are “Western culture” and what parts are true “biblical Christianity”? (Lausanne World Pulse)

Also make sure to check out the youth resource links (lower right portion of the blog) that are the source of many of the articles above.

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This post is by Gen Cayetano, one of the hosts of the Bicol Training. She’s also a prayer warrior, supporter and good friend of Global Youth Ministry Network. This is about her experience in hosting the Bicol training so if you’re interested in hosting also, read on.

It has become quite sometime since a GYMN training happened here. Through the years, many incidents have occurred that have hampered even preparations for trainings, one of which is the typhoon where the province of Albay was the hardest hit of all provinces in Bicol. And it has been years of inactivity for Bicol. When the Bicol Trainers’ Training was held in Albay sometime last year, our challenging GYMN Director opened the idea of another training for Bicol which, was already very, very much long overdue. Somebody in that group pledged to support the team financially and stated an amount, which made us clap.

Thus, preparations went underway and I got involved in organizing this training for Bicol, which is my very first involvement in doing such. As of this writing, even with the success of the training last May I can only muse and thank God repeatedly. As the song goes, “The joy and the pain I’m making them Yours. Lord I offer my life to You, everything I’ve been through, use it for Your glory…” This has become true to me in a personal way because organizing a training is no bed of roses. (more…)

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