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My Assignment

Psalms 16:5 “LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.”

I’ve meditated on this verse many times and once shared it as a devotional. I remember it again after attending the Alliance Youth Congress in Nueva Ecija last week. I together with Shayne (nursing graduate and GYMN volunteer) and Jeffrey (youth leader, nurse and GYMN graduate) joined the event to promote the ministry and to sell T-shirts, button pins, GYMN’s publications and books to raise funds for GYMN’s operations. I felt the work was too simple for me to do. But God is the one who assigns the work. He has placed me in this ministry and He will keep me secure in whatever task I should do.

We had fun during our time there. We met new friends, some even sent us text messages right after the event. I also had the opportunity to share with Shayne and Jeffrey the book I’m reading (Prayer by Philip Yancey). But my favorite experience there was the night when Rocksteddy performed and shared about our desire, design and destiny. (I was one of the young people shouting… 😉 hehehe… Teddy’s a very funny and humble guy.)

A meaningful time for me was when I was told to present GYMN in front of a crowd. I was so nervous that I texted Alvan and Ethel to pray for me. During the time of presentation God reminded me of how great and significant is the work He’s accomplishing through GYMN. I felt that the task is big and I am too small to be used by Him in this ministry. God constantly amazes me on the way He’s accomplishing His great purpose for us. He will assign and secure our part for His glory. I thank God for this experience.


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Share Joy

We’d like to introduce the newest member of the GYMN family. Sharee Joy Qaisar, born on April 15, 2008 at 1:00 am to Ejaz and Ghie.

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GYMN Asia Updates

April for GYMN-Asia is marked by some important events. Here’s what been going on:

This month we are missing the company of Heyz who has been with the office since the summer of 2006. She’s off to take on a different role in ministry and though she will continue to support the GYMN mission, we’re not going to see her as often. We held a farewell party for her a month ago and her last day as GYMN staff was on the 31st of March.

This week is out of the office week for Bennette, Ethel and me.

Ethel and I will be going to Cebu for a Trainer’s Training tomorrow- the last one planned for the Philippines for the year. This will be the most challenging T.T. yet, we’re expecting 18 trainers-to-be (This will be held from April 16-18).

Bennette meanwhile will be at the Alliance Youth Congress, April 14-19 to promote the GYMN trainings and resources.

This day is also most important because Ejaz and Ghie are at the hospital awaiting the delivery of their first baby.

Continue to keep us all in your prayers.

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Each month we put a spotlight on places in the world where GYMN is working and encourage you to join us in praying for the concerns there. Myanmar is the focus for the month of April.

Popa Taungkalat in Myanmar

picture is by exfordy@flickr

The beauty and appeal of the country can be seen in the picture above yet Myanmar has a stormy side to it.

Myanmar has had a long history of coups, wars, and rebellions. Ethnic divisions and political unrest have been common since the first Burman kingdom in the eleventh century. Today, the Burmese military maintains forcible control over the ethnic groups who want equal importance in the government and in commerce. …The military promises cease-fire; but at the slightest note of rebellion, they attack violently. Consequently, the Burmese have lived in a constant state of instability, defense, bitterness, and fear.

~taken from Joshua Project’s article on the Burmese People


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