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The Payback

This post is a reflection by Rey C. Dorimon of his trip to the United States.

A statement from a prominent author says, “You cannot always live on the mountain top, but when you walk through the valley, the memory of the view from the mountain will sustain you and give you the strength to carry you through.” Many Filipinos including me consider America as the land of milk and honey. I have even jokingly sang “America how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me”-to the melody of Amazing Grace.

Truly, I say that it was a divine appointment to step on the land of America where you can witness the blessing of God to this nation. As a minister here in the Philippines, I lacked the resources to travel to places like America but thank God for Global Youth Ministry Network supporters who became my partners on the mission trip. I believe that if it God’s will then it is also God’s bill. I also acknowledge that many of my personal friends helped me through prayers and some finances that made the trip possible. (more…)


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This post is a reflection by Hazel Hontiveros on her trip to the USA.

Last October was my first time to travel to the USA. There was a mix of emotions prior to my departure, especially at the visa interview that took place in Manila. People were lined-up to get in. There where people looking for jobs, others wanted to see their family and the rest where looking for a better future. As my number was called a man almost my age interviewed me and in 3 minutes or so, he approved my papers and granted me a visa. As I left the place there were more people coming in, praying that they will be approved. As I see them I sigh, asking the question, “What does America have that attracts Pinoys to visit?” (more…)

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GYMN Asia Updates

This is our first post in over a month and although we’ve been silent on this blog, a lot has been happening for us here ministry-wise. Just to give you updates on what has been up with GYMN Asia, here are the events that have occurred lately:

Rey and Heyz go to America. Most of the GYMN Asia folk where supposed to go on this trip which included meetings with GYMN supporters in the United States and a trip to the Youth Workers Convention in St. Louis. But God had other plans, and only Rey and Heyz where the ones who got their visas approved. They spent most of their November there, with Rey returning to the Philippines on Nov. 19 and Heyz arriving just over a week ago. Here is the article by Hazel and here is the one by Rey.

NCR Trainer’s Training. We were also able to conduct a trainer’s training last week (December 6-8) for participants in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. The T.T. is our strategy for certifying and updating trainers and we’ve been able to hold three this year, NCR being the third region we’ve held one in. Fewer folk came than we expected but it was still a successful event.

Staff Planning and Retreat. In the same place were we held the trainer’s training we were also able to conduct our planning and retreat (December 8-11). This was immediately after the Trainer’s Training and we were all a bit tired. But the cool climate of the place and the change from our normal office environment made the time enjoyable and allowed us to go through our scheduled activities.

So, all-in-all, it’s been an exhausting but great time for us here.

Consider this a short preview, as we hope to be able to share more on these events in detail. Especially for those who’ve been praying, may you rejoice with us for all the Lord has done and may it be one more opportunity to delight in Him.

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