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This post is part of the Youth Connection, a collection of articles sent as a follow-up to GYMN trainings. You can use these posts in your youth ministry. At the end of the article are questions for you to reflect on or for your youth leadership team to discuss.

I would venture to say that 98% of all youth ministry work is done by volunteers. Sure, there is the exception of paid youth workers in some areas of the world, but even then if their ministry is healthy a majority of the work done in their ministry is done by a large group of volunteers (unpaid committed leaders). Churches and youth ministries were designed primarily to be a volunteer organization. The power of churches and youth ministries truly is the power of everybody, as men and women, young and old, offer their gifts to work out God’s redemptive plan. In our Level 2 training we spend focused time on discussing the recruiting of leaders and other details on teams and leadership. Here I want to dig even deeper and talk specifically about keeping volunteers. (more…)


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