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Part of GYMN’s vision/strategy is to supply national trainers who would carry on the ministry of training youth leaders even to the remotest parts of their country with very minimal direct involvement from us. We are seeing this now happen in some locations where we have conducted trainings for two years or so. Sri Lanka is one of these locations. Here are some of the testimonies of our recent training there: (more…)


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PCEC Seminar

Held in the idyllic setting of Prayer Haven in Laguna, Philippines on June 25-27 of this year, this seminar was also the smallest gathering for a level 1 seminar I had attended. All in all there were 12 students who came. Most were part of the National Youth Commission (PNYC), the youth arm of Philippine Council for Evangelical Churches (PCEC). (more…)

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This post is part of the Youth Connection, a bimonthly article we send as a follow-up to trainings. You can use these posts in your youth ministry. At the end of the article are questions for you to reflect on or for your youth leadership team to discuss.

Anywhere that you and I live or go in the world; we can usually always see someone building something. We may even hear these words spoken by some­one walking by, “Hello….what are you building there?”.

There is something exciting about seeing something being built. Anticipation is always in the air whether we are watching some­thing being built where previously there was nothing or if we seeing something old torn down and something new being built.

I have been a part of several new buildings in the last few years. Our local church that we attend just moved into a new building this past Easter (it was an old building that was totally remodeled into a very contemporary looking church). Person­ally, we were blessed to be able to take part in building the home we live in. And GYMN as a ministry is looking to renovate an old building to give us more office space in order to serve you even better.

There are some things I have learned about building that we may find very helpful in our work of youth minis­try…specifically our work of building disciples for Christ. (more…)

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