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Welcome to All!

We are Global Youth Ministry Network or GYMN in Asia. GYMN exists to equip youth leaders internationally through the strategy of seminars, seminar follow-up, supplying national trainers and the spreading of trainings worldwide.

This blog aims to provide the following:

Information on GYMN activities in Asia: Our seminars and seminar follow-ups, and on trainers in different nations and on how the training is doing worldwide.

Articles on Youth Ministry Leadership: We also plan to contribute and discuss articles on youth ministry leadership, focusing on those that can be applicable to a wide range of cultures and yet are also bible-centered.

Discussions: We are always looking for ways to improve our seminars, as trainers and participants we hope you could join us by contributing insights in how the training has been of use to you and how it could be improved.

Contributors to this Blog will be Chris Davis, Ghie Qaisar, Hazel Hontiveros, Benette Pena, me and other GYMN staff, trainers and participants at all levels. If you have any suggestions on what could be improved please feel free to contact us.


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